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Muck Rack home landing page
Muck Rack
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URL: muckrack.com

Muckrack.com brings journalists and content writers together with marketers who are looking for top quality placement, campaign opportunities and content for their brands. Their mission statement is to make journalists, marketers, and PR pros more successful.



  • Clear Page Goals
  • Clear Value Statement/Proposition
  • CTA Button
  • Well Contrasted Action Items
  • Good Without Scrolling
  • Social Proof / Brands / Testimonials


What I like…

The very clear delineation between the two types of audiences they serve. Call to action buttons that drive straight to the signup form. Detailed explanations of the service to each audience further down the page.


Things I would test…

The top of the page is split left/right but the detailed explanations are stacked, forcing me to scroll if I’m needing more information as a journalist type user. Test a two column layout that splits the explanations the same way as the hero area so that users can scan through ‘their’ side of the page.



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